Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guess who's back?

Hello Fatshionistas,

I know its been awhile, but what can I say except "time flies whether you're having fun or not".  I've still being doing the school thing and the shopaholic thing.  I'm currently working on my Ed. Specialist degree at THE Alabama State University and proudly I can say I don't have too much longer in this program.  Being the Gemini that I am, of course I'm presently trying to decide which program I want to enter next, as well as trying to decide if I'm going to stick it out in Alabama or venture someplace else.  One thing I can say is, dang it's hot... and the absolute worse thing that could happen when its hot is for your AC to go ca put (is that how you spell it).  I will literally die if this thing isn't fixed soon.  Other than that, I must say I have missed you guys and gals.  Trust and believe though your girl has been shopping non stop since the last time I spoke to you.  I have so many great makeup purchases I want you all to see. I cannot wait to post for you what I have....including that ClearCube and IceBox I mentioned in one of my last posts!  Didn't I say I HADDDD to have it??  Anyway, talk to you all soon and don't count your girl OUT because I'M BACK!

Until next time,

Ciao Bellas!