About Me

My name is Candace and I am a 30 year Alabama native, living in the capital city of Montgomery.  I am a graduate of Auburn University-Montgomery and Alabama State University where I earned degrees in Biology and Biology Education.  I am currently a graduate student, stay-at-home mom, wife, and self-proclaimed DIVA. 

Most recently I was employed as a high school science teacher, but it is my goal to become a hair/makeup and fashion stylist.  I plan to enroll in beauty school in the near future and ultimately plan to open my own salon and start my own luxury hair extension boutique.  Aside from my many aspirations I am just a girl who really loves fashion and who I think is definitely coming into her own as a fatshionista. 

I absolutely love fashion and hair.  These are two of my obsessions! My favorite colors are purple, hot pink, and kelly blue! I love glitter, rhinestones, and polka dots.  I like anything from the 80s, especially big hair and lots of makeup.  Animal prints are my new thing, but I really enjoy all types of prints. I am a designer whore.  Fendi is my fav, but Louis Vuitton and Gucci are close behind.  I really hope to obtain a vintage Chanel bag and Hermes Birkin bag before I leave this Earth, I am a self proclaimed shopaholic and shoe freak.

Aside from fashion, I love to read...I like watching TruTv and Crime shows.  I'm also a techie..  I often call myself the Chic Geek... My iPhone, iPad and Laptop are never too far from my reach...I like tattoos and all types of music... I have five tattoos...and if it were possible I would have an entire sleeve...

I'm a Gemini so I feel that I am a true conundrum...explaining who I am isn't that simple..but I tried... however I hope that you go on this blogging journey with me.  I begin this as a way to express myself and as a way to help me figure out my own personal style.  I hope you enjoy visiting my blog!