Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accessories... Is there any such thing as too many?

Just like animal print, I love accessories.  I think a jewelry box and 2 caboodles full of earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, pins, sunglasses, watches, etc could be proof of that.  But I always want more.  Is there something wrong with that??  Should I seek help?   I basically stalk certain stores on a weekly basis just to see what's new.  I really dont think anyone can have too many trinkets.....  They are like the icing on the cake.  I mean think about it, the same outfit has the ability to look 3 completely different ways with the changing of your accessories.   So in a way I think my hubby should really support my obsession of accessories because it could possibly help me save money on more clothes (I said possibly, but not likely, but it could). 

# 1  Rich Girlz @ www.itsrichgirlz.com

As seen ALL SEASON on Draya from BBW LA, I really like this site.  I really want to cop these though, called Rich Squares and are priced at $50...currently these are sold out until December 14th.  I really like the matching bangle too, which comes as a set of two and sells for $100.

# 2  Poparazzi @ http://ilovepoparazzi.com/home.html

As seen on the BBW Miami ladies...and countless others, I really want the Xoxo beaded crystal hoops $65, Candyland earrings with swarovski crystals for $200, Fierce earrings $55, Goldie bamboo earrings 175, Las Vegas $40


Crystal Pave



Goddess spike/Xoxo
Gold Las Vegas

# 3 Macys- I have found to be a real "go to" when I'm looking for something quick.  Take a look!
Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson


Michael Kors

# 4 Coach- I have been stalking these watches for a minute...

Isn't the inside cute??

My favorite color!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Blues...

Unfortunately, I and my babies are a little under the weather today...Which means no Black Friday runs for me...I still have my online shopping, but even that doesn't seem so tempting when you're nursing a fever.  Anyhoo...I hope all you ladies had a great Thanksgiving and a good time catching those sells...Here's a few Black Friday tips I would like to add..

1.  I know everyone wants to pick up the BIG ticket items but alot of times there are great deals on same items that people over look.  SO if you're looking for those Barbie dolls or Brats doll..you can cop them for $5 bucks today.

2.  Understand that there is more quantity online than in the stores.... Unless you simply like the rush of the pushing and shoving and waiting that comes with Black Friday, I suggest doing it online.

3.  BE CARFUL, hey saving a few dollars is not worth getting hurt...Masing people (like some lady did in a LA walmart) and running over folks ain't the business...

4.  And while you're in the middle of the madness remember what the holidays are all about... God, Family, Love, Health, and Life...

Be Blessed Everyone!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handbag Holiday Wishes...COACH!

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE sparkly, shiny, glitterly things...Diamonds, rhinestones, crystals...it doesn't matter..if it GLOWS...I want it.  Having said that, aside from all the handbags I already have on my wish list (The Birkin, an Alma, and a vintage Chanel ) I would like to add a couple of Coach bags to the list.  This brand is near and dear to me, basically because this was the first expensive bag my mother purchased for me.  I can remember it clearly, I was thirteen doing my middle school thing and for Christmas I got a bright RED Coach bag.  I was ecstatic!  Here are my favorites....

Chelsea Patent Leather

Madison Chevron

Madison Sequins

Poppy Liquid Gloss...my mouth is watering for this one!

Poppy Ostrich

Reality Recap...

As I'm sure you all are aware BBWLA had their reunion Monday night on VH1, if you aren't please go check out Juicy's blog @ JuicyCarter and she'll definitely give you the 411 on what went down on the show..As an aspiring stylist I'm always looking to see what everyone's wearing..I'm really interested in hearing what you all think.. Personally I was a little underwhelmed...I did like Draya's shoes..and I think Laura's hair was very cute!

Courtesy of

As for Love and Hip Hop... I think these ladies, for the most part, do I good job with their style statements and I'm really DIGGING the hair (post on that later)... Only one whose fashion I question is Somaya Reece...I'm still trying to figure out where's shes going with her fashion...She seems to be all over the place.... Then she had the ultimate wardrobe malfunction...I would really hate to be on stage with my stomach all out (video attached)...but I think she handled it well..I really loved Somaya's Jovani Couture dress...what do you think?

Courtesy VH1


Wardrobe Malfunction via Youtube

The Braxtons seem to be really boring for me this week...How much hair shaking from Tamar can we really take...I thought the girls still looked pretty good though...however I will say I likeToni better as a short brunette..What's your opinion?

Last, but certainly not least, The Real Housewives of Atlanta...  I'll begin by saying everyone's hair and clothing looked hot...except Phaedra has something odd going on with the side of her hair where its looks short then long all of sudden like a mullet...anyway...All-in-all the ladies looked great and so did the men!!  Apollo, Peter, and Kroy were all a 10 ++ for me...And well Lawrence was doing the most as usual, but thats just him....Aside from that, all I can say is this was another episode filled with unnecessary drama...This time the shouting match didn't involve the woman, but the Househusbands..In my opinion they are all too OLD for this type of foolishness to go down, especially at a BABY SHOWER...In the end, I think Phaedra started it!..What you think? 
Click the link Peter and Apollo Fight if you missed it the other night....

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love animal prints!

Zebra, leopard, cheetah, and even giraffe.. I love animal prints.. Especially with hot, neon colors like pink or purple. I repeat I LOVE ANIMAL PRINTS. Personally, I dont wear a whole bunch of it together (don't want to look like the actual animal), but a bit on my shoes, handbags, or any other accessory I can find is a must.  What do you think of these fabolous prints I found???

I love animal prints!