Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Blues...

Unfortunately, I and my babies are a little under the weather today...Which means no Black Friday runs for me...I still have my online shopping, but even that doesn't seem so tempting when you're nursing a fever.  Anyhoo...I hope all you ladies had a great Thanksgiving and a good time catching those sells...Here's a few Black Friday tips I would like to add..

1.  I know everyone wants to pick up the BIG ticket items but alot of times there are great deals on same items that people over look.  SO if you're looking for those Barbie dolls or Brats can cop them for $5 bucks today.

2.  Understand that there is more quantity online than in the stores.... Unless you simply like the rush of the pushing and shoving and waiting that comes with Black Friday, I suggest doing it online.

3.  BE CARFUL, hey saving a few dollars is not worth getting hurt...Masing people (like some lady did in a LA walmart) and running over folks ain't the business...

4.  And while you're in the middle of the madness remember what the holidays are all about... God, Family, Love, Health, and Life...

Be Blessed Everyone!



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