Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reality Recap...

As I'm sure you all are aware BBWLA had their reunion Monday night on VH1, if you aren't please go check out Juicy's blog @ JuicyCarter and she'll definitely give you the 411 on what went down on the show..As an aspiring stylist I'm always looking to see what everyone's wearing..I'm really interested in hearing what you all think.. Personally I was a little underwhelmed...I did like Draya's shoes..and I think Laura's hair was very cute!

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As for Love and Hip Hop... I think these ladies, for the most part, do I good job with their style statements and I'm really DIGGING the hair (post on that later)... Only one whose fashion I question is Somaya Reece...I'm still trying to figure out where's shes going with her fashion...She seems to be all over the place.... Then she had the ultimate wardrobe malfunction...I would really hate to be on stage with my stomach all out (video attached)...but I think she handled it well..I really loved Somaya's Jovani Couture dress...what do you think?

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Wardrobe Malfunction via Youtube

The Braxtons seem to be really boring for me this week...How much hair shaking from Tamar can we really take...I thought the girls still looked pretty good though...however I will say I likeToni better as a short brunette..What's your opinion?

Last, but certainly not least, The Real Housewives of Atlanta...  I'll begin by saying everyone's hair and clothing looked hot...except Phaedra has something odd going on with the side of her hair where its looks short then long all of sudden like a mullet...anyway...All-in-all the ladies looked great and so did the men!!  Apollo, Peter, and Kroy were all a 10 ++ for me...And well Lawrence was doing the most as usual, but thats just him....Aside from that, all I can say is this was another episode filled with unnecessary drama...This time the shouting match didn't involve the woman, but the Househusbands..In my opinion they are all too OLD for this type of foolishness to go down, especially at a BABY SHOWER...In the end, I think Phaedra started it!..What you think? 
Click the link Peter and Apollo Fight if you missed it the other night....


  1. Thanks for the link! Am I the only one that HATES Tamar's weave? I've seen regular, everyday females with better weave than that. I always think it looks tacky and she has too much money to be looking like that.

    But, I ALWAYS LOVE what the cast of Love & Hip Hop are wearing. From Chrissy to Emily, Olivia and even Somaya (Sometimes) I always want what they're wearing.

  2. I agree....out of the countless hairstyles she be rocking on the show...I only think one is ok...and it's wig! Truth be told, I can't get pass her face..she said she only had her nose done, butttttt I think I see evidence of some other work....