Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweaters for $20.12?

Hello Fashionistas,

I was so happy to find out that Eloquii was having a sale on all of their sweaters.   All sweaters are presently priced at $20.12.  I think thats a steal!  I've been really wanting to get several of them for a long time, so with this sale going I happily bought three of them.  Here are the ones I chose....

Tell me what you think..and when you get a chance run on over to Eloquii by The Limited and pick up a few!

Lots of Love,



  1. I love the one with the fur as well!!!

  2. The second and third are my favorites! Those are great prices and these are really cute!

  3. I received them yesteday and I am so excited! I'll be doing a post soon...

  4. Wow...all are great and for that price they are My fave is the second one. Love it!