Friday, December 23, 2011


I know everyone is looking forward to Christmas Day.  A fun filled day of family, presents, food, drinks, and an overall good time.  I know my babies are definitely looking forward to seeing what Santa has in store for them and I must admit I'm little curious as to what he's bringing me too.  I love the thrill of opening something new and not knowing what it is (even though I gave my husband at least 50 things to choose from) I am already looking beyond Christmas and straight to New Years Eve.  I can't wait to hang out with my girls, dance, have some drinks, and then bring in the new year with all the ones I love.  I'm most looking forward to receiving the dress I ordered from Bloomingdales.  I'm adding that dress to my growing collection of other party dresses I've ordered in the past few months.  I couldn't make up my mind so being the shopaholic I am I didn't see anything wrong with giving myself some options.  You can never have too many party dresses in my mind.  So, tell me what you think?  Which do you like?  And please let me know what you all are wearing to your NYE parties...

Bloomingdales $230

Fashion to Figure...the gold one $80

Torrid $70

Torrid $60

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