Friday, December 2, 2011

Techie Toy Fun!

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE my technology.  I am a self proclaimed Apple girl so it would only be fitting that I have an iPod, iPhone, and an iPad.....still waiting on the MacBook (hopefully my husband is reading this), but I also have a Dell laptop, Compaq PC, and Kindle Fire....What about you all???  What are your favorite tech toys, the ones owned and the ones you're wishing for??  And what do your toys wear??  How do you protect those gizmos of yours??? My favorite brand currently is the Speck brand cases for both my iPhone and my iPad.  They seem to be the most protective and reliable for me, while they still have a sleek, stylish feel to them.  The worse have been the rhinestone cases.  I love the look, but it seems that I keep losng so many of the stones!  Of course, part of the reason may be because I got it from the kiosk in the mall.  I've seen some higher end ones online though that run anywhere from $120-500. I even spotted a list of the 10 luxury iPhone cases....and believe it or not their most expensive fine was one for 100,000!!  Top 10 Luxury iPhone cases Can you believe that?? 

My gadgets are currently wearing the following:

PixelSkin by Speck $49.99

Speck Candyshell Case $34.99

New Techie Treats I love:

Juicy Couture $28

Jonathan Alder $28

Kate Spade $40

Ombre Case $180

Ombre gold $190

Kate Spade $40

Blue Flower $190

Marc Jacobs $84.90

Ted Baker $70

Speck iGuy 39.99

Case-Mate $48

Marc Jacobs $48

True Luxury Finds:

Louis Vuitton $1290
Diamond Case $20, 000

Gold Standard $100, 000

As you can tell, there seems to be big business in creating items for our favorite tech toys.  However, do you think it could be going too far???  I do love my gadgets, but sorry not for 100, 000...What about you??

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