Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Daily Dose: Fendi, Amanda Knox, Conrad Murray, the Atlanta Prom

This post is a definite example of how my mind is often all over the place.  First of all, I just wanted comment on Fendi's Summer/Spring 2012 line and the makeup, OMG the makeup was quite edgy!  I prefer the gold foil because the silver so reminds me of aluminum foil, but overall I think the hair and makeup for the show was a winner.  The collection was hot as well.  Look for yourself:

Secondly, Amanda Knox. I must say I am happy to see her back on American soil.  Please, please people govern yourself according when in another country.  Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means insinuating that she was the cause of her imprisonment.  But I will say that you have to be careful about the people you trust, the places you go, and the things that you do.  I really hope she is able to put her life back together again.  I wish her much success. 

Next, Conrad Murray and the Michael Jackson trial.  I swear this guy has had the same facial expression since the beginning of the trial.  It's like he just had botox and is it me or does he look like a kid caught in the cookie jar.  So pitiful!  He definitely has guilt written all over his face.  Sad.. sad situation, especially for MJ.  We miss you Michael!

Finally, I just heard about the Atlanta Prom from a friend on FaceBook.  Apparently, it's a fund raiser for the charity "Hosea Feed the Hungry", but instead of the normal dinner it's designed as a prom even including limos.  Who wouldn't want to feel like a celeb for a night???  I must admit it sounds interesting, especially for those who wish to go to the prom again or for those who weren't able to go.  Plus, I'm always down for helping the needy. Go to and check them out.

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