Monday, October 3, 2011

Kanye West

So, Kanye's Dw women's line debuted in Paris on Saturday and I must tell you I was pretty impressed with what I saw.  This line was definitely the highlight of my Saturday afternoon, especially that pretty little thing Chanel Iman.  I must say she looked hawt!  I didn't expect any thing less than great with this line, I knew that I would probably love anything Kanye put out because I really dig his personal style.  It's always fresh, it's original, eclectic, couture, yet still urban.  What more can I say about the man except not only does he have flows, but he has style.  I guess Kanye said it best, "I get it custom, you a customer".  He sure does, now maybe he'll make a plus size line and all us thick girls can be "customized" too!

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