Monday, October 3, 2011

My favorite brands

As I am continuing on this journey to becoming a real "Fatshionista", I have discovered some really great designers and fashion lines that I totally love and can't wait to try!  These are a few of the sites I find myself visiting often:

Forever 21:  Chic, reasonable, and great fit.  Here's a link to a dress I absolutely love and will be purchasing soon

Styles by Jibri
Jibri:  What can I say about this designer, she is definitely my overall favorite right now and I absolutely love all of her looks.  I especially love the fact that she uses quality materials and only the best fabrics, also the fact that she's fashion forward and indie is also a plus! Find her at   

Vitamin C:  Also an independent stylist out of Atlanta, Vitamin C clothing by Chloe Faith Harper is one of my favs.  I love dresses and believe me she makes some stylish and chic ones.  Check her out at

Monif C Emme dress
Monif C:  Contemporary Plus Size designer Monif C, who was awarded "Best Plus Size Designer" by Full Figured Fashion Week 2011 has become an superstar in her own right with her iconic convertible dress the "Marilyn".  She has definitely perfected the art of styling the plus size body.  She can be found at 

La'Dan's cape
La'Dan's Closet:  I swear this has to be one of best coat lines on the web for the plus sized figure.  As a plus size woman I find it hard to find a coat that is super warm, but also trendy. Well, the ladies of La'Dans do this with ease! 

Hope and Harvest
black Vegas leggings
and Snake cardigan
Hope and Harvest:  This one is a new one for me, but as soon as I can I will be placing an order because this site makes me totally excited.  Please go to 5their website and check out the Onyx skirt, Two-Tone jeans, and Vegas leggings. 

Torrid:  Another reasonable, yet fashionable brand.  You can find them at

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