Friday, October 7, 2011

Lace Front Wigs, can these please be a thing of the past

I can remember the day I first heard about lacefront wigs.  I was quite intrigued, I mean anything they say Beyonce' wears had to be the business right?  WRONG!  What is going on with these wigs???  I'm so sick of all the fashion violations these things are causing.  How are they put on?  Why can I see the glue in the part?  Was it done with a hot glue gun?  I have one word for this trend and thats TRAGIC!  Major fail people.  Lace fronts will never look classy or natural to me.  Even celebs aren't exempt, but at least they are using it for what it was intended for.  Short term use only or for people with extreme hair loss. it best when she asked "how did these even get in the hands of the general public???  Looks like something made for a drag show.  I should not be questioning whether your hair is attached with scotch tape.  I understand you want something  quick, reasonably priced, and easy to maintain, but in this day and age of high quality extensions, clip ins, fusions, etc there are so many better options for your head.  Get a sew-in please!  I am starting a petition, No more lacefronts, no more lacefronts, no more lacefronts......


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