Monday, October 3, 2011

The Red Lip

Red Lip, so hot, but so easy to be done WRONG!  I cannot stress this enough how much I despise a red lip done the wrong way.  I mean picking a red lipstick shade is like a science.  It takes time, research, and experimentation before you find that perfect hue.  This is especially true for ladies of color, but even for caucasian women one must really consider your complexion and hair color. My friend and I were just discussing this issue the other day and it really perplexes me to find that women in the 1950s could do it so effortlessly, while women today (who have a phethora of makeup to choose from) could get it wrong.  I personally have chocolate brown skin with yellow undertones so some of my favs are:  Mac's Chili to Shop and Dubonnet, Dior's Red Icon, Nars' Tamango, and Benefit's Ms Behavin'


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