Monday, October 3, 2011

My personal style

Me with a little blond!
My personal style is an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from really classic to geek chic to 80s punk.  I'm a Gemini so my style is like my honestly never know which one of me you're going to get.  I mean I'm the girl who would wear a fly pair of converse, some denim leggings, a vintage band tee, and an animal print cardigan, all with a strand of pearls.  Then, I'll go a little further and pair all that with a really hot designer bag and a pair of hot pink wayfarer sunglasses.  If I had to choose any era of clothing it would be a close tie between the 80s and the 50s (total opposite ends of the spectrum huh?) and as for my hair, I've wore my hair and almost every way possible.  My favorites are either really big curls, or flat and crazy long, or maybe cropped really short and dyed bright red…as for makeup I'm a Mac girl, but I like sother brands too such as Nars, Dior, Benefit and Iman.

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